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Boats & Crafts Farmers Covers



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Crafts Covered in Farmers' Marine Programs

Farmers' boat program offers coverage for boats 40 feet and less in length. Here is a listing and brief description of the crafts covered:

  • Bass Boat

    Bass Boat

    Designed to get to the fish as quickly as possible, these boats are usually outfitted with larger outboard motors. There are storage areas on board to store fishing poles, tackle and other gear. There is often a raised-deck casting platform, swivel seating, electronics and livewells, along with a designated area for a trolling motor.

  • bow rider

    Bow Rider

    Named after the open seating area in the bow, these boats are suited for waterskiing and short-distance cruising. They are usually powered via outboard motor or stern-drive. 

  • cabin cruiser

    Cabin Cruiser

    These small cruisers generally use outboard or stern-drive power and are great for day cruising. They have a compact cabin area to allow for overnight stays and often have simple cooking capabilities.

  • Day Sailer

    Day Sailer

    Small sailboats that are used for small-lake sailing or short outings on calm waters. They may have a centerboard or a fixed keel, and might include a small cabin.

  • deck boat

    Deck Boat

    Named for the one-level deck throughout, this multi-purpose craft can be used for anything from fishing, swimming, sunbathing or short cruises. They usually accommodate a number of people. Most are outboard powered but they may use stern-drives as well.

  • fishing boat

    Fishing Boat

    These boats are designed specifically to allow for fishing from anywhere on the deck. They are often equipped with space for the storage of poles and gear. Most are outboard powered and they may have a small cabin.

  • sailboat


    Sailboats come in a variety of sizes, some with cabin features. They can have single or multiple sails, and often have motors for backup power.

  • high-performance boat


    Built for speed, these boats are usually equipped with multiple, sophisticated outboard and stern drive engines. They often have comfortable cabins. High-performance craft will be subject to underwriting review.

  • jet boat

    Jet Boat

    Powered by jet pumps that are linked to engines, jet boats can be small craft that accommodate only a few people or larger varieties that can pull waterskiiers.

  • pontoon boat

    Pontoon Boat

    Pontoon boats usually have two aluminum barrel-like hulls under a stable deck with railings all the way around. They are very versatile and can be used for fishing, sunbathing and cruising around inland lakes. Often they have a sun canopy to provide a shaded area and ample seating. Pontoon boats are most often powered by outboards.


  • runabout boat


    The multi-purpose runabout is a great boat for a variety of activities: waterskiing, fishing, swimming, tubing, wakeboarding or sunbathing. They can have an open or closed bow and can be powered by outboard or stern-drive engines.

  • flat boat

    Flats Boat

    A unique craft for getting in shallow waters for fishing, flats boats often have tilting outboard motors. They are equipped with a platform that allows the captain to use a long pole to push the craft along, as well as offer a better viewpoint from which to spot fish.

  • personal watercraft

    Personal Watercraft

    Craft for one, two, three or more people that can be stood on or straddled. Personal Watercraft are often referred to by their brand names such as Jet Ski®, Wave Runner® or Sea Doo®.