Medical Claims - Property

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Who are we?

  • The Med/PIP department provides claims service to all customers who pursue recovery for Medical Payment or Personal Injury Protection benefits under their Auto, Commercial or Homeowners policies. 
  • Our ultimate objective is the accurate and efficient resolution of your claim with excellent service.

What can I expect if I have a medical claim under my auto or homeowner policy?

  • Once the claim is determined to involve compensable injuries, a claims representative (CR) will contact you by telephone as soon as practical, but no later than within one business day (excluding weekends and holidays).
  • Your CR will verify some information with you and explain the benefits available.
  • Your CR will send you an Application for Benefits, discuss the importance of completing and returning it as soon as practicable, and then tell you what you can expect during the claim process.
  • You can also send documents or correspondence to us electronically – refer to the icon on the right side of this web page.

Homeowners Policies

If you’ve purchased medical payments in your homeowners, rental, condo, etc. policy, it typically provides payment for reasonable and necessary expenses for medical, surgical, x-ray, dental, ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, prosthetic devices and funeral services to guests on your premises with your permission. There may also be coverage for people away from your insured location under certain conditions. This type of coverage typically does not apply to you or regular residents of your household. Please refer to your policy for your actual benefits. Your Farmers CR can explain this coverage in more detail.