The Dream Wedding Event at The Rose Parade

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Farmers® has been helping newlyweds figure out life's changes for more than 80 years. That's why we hosted the wedding of a lifetime for Nicole and Gerald aboard the Love Float at the 2013 Rose Parade.

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Big life changes mean big insurance changes
Whether you’re tying the knot, retiring or taking one of those big steps in between, no one is better trained to help you with your insurance decisions than a Farmers agent.

Engagement and marriage
“Getting married is an exciting time in a couple’s life. But in addition to all the wedding planning, I always like to sit down with the lucky couple and go over some of the important things to think about as they combine their assets, and identify any additional discounts they may qualify for. We’ll also want to make sure they consider Life insurance to help them protect their joint assets.”
-Farmers Agent Sandra Cavoto, Chicago, IL

Starting a family
“Starting a family is one of the biggest decisions a couple will ever make. It’s important that they take a break from painting the nursery to talk with me about additional coverage that may be needed. ”
- Farmers Agent Roger Daniel, Billings, MT

Buying a home
“The decision to buy a home shouldn’t be made lightly. It will likely be the largest purchase you’ll ever make, as well as the place you’ll create years of happy memories. When one of my couples buys a house, first we look at the different coverage options that they can choose from. If something should happen, Farmers wants to help them rebuild.”
- Farmers Agent Sharon Jansma, Visalia, CA

Starting a business or changing jobs
“Lately I’ve had quite a few customers come to me with changes in their work status. In today’s tight economy, it’s important to make sure you’ve done your insurance homework. If you’re transitioning to a new job, we should talk about a 401(k) rollover and replacing any work-supplied Life insurance.”
- Farmers Agent Rick Schnider, Las Vegas, NV

“Whether it’s enjoying the freedom to travel, playing golf, or spending more time with family, everybody has something they’re looking forward to in retirement. It’s never too soon to start customizing a plan.”
- Farmers Agent Diane Tran, Houston, TX

If you’re planning for the road ahead, contact your local Farmers agent who can help you plan for your future. Start by getting an online insurance quote.