Questions and Answers About Your New Billing Plan

To help you make the transition from your previous billing experience, we’ve provided this additional info below.

When will I receive my initial bill for the policy on the new billing plan?

You will receive your first bill in your policy renewal packet within the next 60 days. It will be delivered via postal mail even if you were previously on paperless billing and/or automatic recurring Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Your first bill will also need to be paid according to the instructions on the Premium Payment Notice.

What pay plan will I convert to?

We will convert your policy to the pay plan identified in the chart below.

Annual Policy Premium New Pay Plan Type of Vehicle
$299 or less 1 Pay All
$300 or greater 4 Pay Motor Home, Travel Trailer
$300 or greater 6 Pay Motorcycle, Off-Road Vehicle, Boat, Personal Watercraft

Will my payment be due on the same date it is currently?

No, your due date will change with the new billing plan to align with the renewal date of your policy. Your due date for each payment after the initial payment will be based on the number of days in your new billing cycle.

How can I change my pay plan?

You can change your pay plan at any time by calling Foremost Billing Services at (800) 532-4221.

Where can I make payments?

  • Pay online at:
  • Mail your payment to the mailing address on your Premium Payment Notice.
  • Make a payment through your agent.

How can I continue making payments directly from my online banking account?

If you currently pay your bills directly from your bank’s online payment system, you will need to go in and set up a new payee that reflects the billing address and policy number shown on the Premium Payment Notice.

How can I enroll in or continue automatic recurring Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)?

To enroll in or continue automatic recurring EFT, you will need to enroll at or visit your agent.

How can I enroll in or continue paperless billing?

You will need to enroll at to continue paperless billing..