Farmers Emergency Services

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Farmers has services to answer your needs in a variety of situations:

Auto Emergency Services

When there is damage to your car due to a covered loss, you can call on Farmers emergency service for reliable repair and towing from vendors you can trust.
FARMTOW Call HelpPoint®  Claim Services at 1-800-435-7764
The HelpPoint® Roadside Assistance provides access to roadside assistance at any time of the day or night. Not only does this program provide towing to the nearest qualified repair facility, but it also provides service for "lock out", "battery" "jump start" and other labor charges performed at the place of your vehicle's disablement.

In most cases, Farmers will be billed directly.

Auto Rental Service

Farmers Auto Rental Service is a program that quickly provides a rental vehicle for your use after an accident. This network of pre-screened, nationally-known rental car companies will provide free pickup and delivery, direct billing to Farmers and an automatic deposit waiver (deposit waiver is not available in all areas). Auto Rental Service provides service for customers and other parties in an accident for which we have accepted responsibility.

Your Farmers agent or claims office can put you in touch with the Auto Rental Service.

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Home Emergency Services

When you have a covered loss to your home and need help in finding someone to perform immediate emergency mitigation services, you can call on Farmers for referrals to reliable service and repair vendors.

Emergency Mitigation Referral Program

ServiceMaster has an Emergency Mitigation Referral Program (EMRP) which is available 24 hours a day to Farmers insureds. The EMRP vendors can handle emergency residential services, such as water extraction. Upon contact with Farmers HelpPoint® Claim Services, the service representative may refer an EMRP vendor who will provide advice to help control the damage while they quickly dispatch a service unit to start necessary emergency mitigation services to minimize damage to your home. Or, the service representative can get you in touch with an EMRP vendor. Whether you actually use an EMRP vendor is at your option.

Personal Property Replacement

This service provides replacement for personal property that is stolen or damaged as part of a covered loss. It eliminates the hassle of shopping for replacement items.

An electronic link with our vendors will allow us to determine the availability of items needing replacement - quickly locate the lost item or a comparable substitute and deliver it to your door. Instant price verification speeds the replacement of the items. In many cases, one call is all that is needed. Your Farmers agent or claims office can put you in touch with a Personal Property Restoration vendor.

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Direct Emergency Lodging
Should you suffer a covered loss that makes your residence uninhabitable, we can direct you to our network of Direct Emergency Lodging vendors. This network consists of hotels located in close proximity to your residence. Arrangements will be made with the hotel to provide immediate lodging for you and your family. These arrangements are made on a direct billing basis, reducing your out of pocket expense.

Your Farmers agent or HelpPoint®  Claim Services service representative will put you in touch with the Emergency Lodging Network.

Call HelpPoint®  Claim Services at (1-800-435-7764) for assistance when you need it most.

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