Welcome to the online version of The American Promise teaching guide, Keeping the Promise. You'll find tips here for putting the program to work in your classroom, from teachers who are using The American Promise.

New Winter Edition Edition, vol.5, issue 2

The Vocabulary of Freedom
Exercise 1 - Vocabulary of Freedom
Exercise 2 - Comunity Surveys
Exercise 3 - Sorting Blocks
Exercise 4 - The Balancing Act
Exercise 5 - Do I know you?
Exercise 6 - Where Are the Lines
Exercise 7 - What are you Willing to Give up

by Pam Whiffen
Exercise 1 - United We Stand
Exercise 2 - Participate in My Own Way
Exercise 3 - Quick Check Participation
Exercise 4 - Characterisitcs of a Leader
Exercise 5 - Participation: It takes all of us

Exercise 1 - Young and Homeless in the Great Depression
Exercise 2 - The New Deal
Exercise 3 - Arthurdale Continued
Exercise 4 - Causes of the Great Depression
Exercise 5 - "Facts" About the Homeless
Exercise 6 - One Third of a Nation
Exercise 7 - Reporting the Depression
Exercise 8 - The Great Depression: A Questionaire
Exericse 9 - Ten Basic Facts about Unemployment
Exercise 10 - Boy and Girl Camps

Wants and Needs
Pam Whiffen, a teacher at Palo Verde Middle School in Phoenix, uses The American Promise to support cross-curricular lessons. This is Pam Whiffen's description of how she teaches Freedom.

Start Small, Win Big
You don't have to jump in and do a semester's worth of The American Promise. Here are some low-risk, high-yield ideas for using the program in your classroom.

Express Lane: Five Ways to Start Today
Quick ways you can put The American Promise to work for you today. Use it to help students tell better stories, debate the effect of TV on their news, or discuss the reliability of history as portrayed in their textbooks.

Putting Wolves in the Curriculum
Use this segment on wolves to get your class to discuss science, immigration and even economics.

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