World History
These activities give students a front-row seat to important events in the history of democracy. They are a great way to encourage discussion of these events and how they affect the world we live in now.


Appointments Game and Volunteer or Should the Government Do It All?

Hold a lottery to appoint class leaders, as they did in 14th century Italy, to see how students feel about representative government. Or have them debate whether the government should take on additional services and programs or leave them to volunteers.

Full Court Press

Have students play the roles of Socrates and Sophocles, then hold a post-trial press conference to help the class compare the American system of justice with that of the Greeks.

What's at Stake?

Venice in the 14th century was the richest, safest, best-run city in Europe. Why? Have the class discuss what makes a city great or wealthy, and what role civic pride plays.

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