Evaluating a Project
How can you evaluate a service learning project?

Here are three suggestions.

1. Invite someone in the community to help establish standards and conduct the evaluation with you. This is a great way to solidify contact between your classroom and your community. If your class is doing a gardening project, ask a city or county gardener or a representative of the nursery that donated the plants to help evaluate the project.

2. Ask the students to evaluate themselves. Use the handout provided below and have them assess their service learning experience. (This handout was created by Douglas E. Miller of Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, Calif.)

3. Ask students to document their volunteer, service learning, or internship experiences with photos. Have students photograph their service learning workplace, supervisor, colleagues, and any special projects, products or accomplishments of the group they worked with. The completed portfolio will serve as an assessment of the project and will help the student understand the service learning experience.

Linda Miller
Fairfax High School
Fairfax, Va.

Service Learning: The Art of Democratic Learning

Name: ________________________________

Date: _________________________________

Name of activity: _________________________________


Place where service was performed: _________________________


Number of hours: _____________________ Credits:______________________

Name of citizenship skill(s) practiced:__________________________________


Relationship to unit studied in class:__________________________________


Benefits gained by your community from your service:__________________


Personal benefits gained from your service:____________________________


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