Service Learning
Have your students put what they've learned from The American Promise series to work by finding activities that they can do for their own communities.

Here's an outline to help you put together a service learning program for your classroom:

1. Have students select an activity from Some Ways Students Can Help the Community after viewing one of the segments that speak directly to students. Examples are:
  • "Anti-Graffiti Network" (Tape 1, segment 4:57)
  • "WARN" (Tape 1, segment 24:21)
  • "RIP Murals" (Tape 1, segment 1: 16:16)
  • "YES!" (Tape 1, segment 1:23:27)
  • "Teen Court" (Tape 2, segment 53:00).

Depending on time and commitment, have students go to city hall and develop a list of jobs they can do for the community.

2. Once community needs are determined, examples of grassroots activity that can be shown are:

  • "SNAP" (Tape 1, segment 48:05)
  • "Homeless Vets" (Tape 2, segment 14:39)
  • "Yellow Bikes" (Tape 2, segment 18:53)
  • "COPS" (Tape 2, segment 26:41)
  • "Pattonsburg" (Tape 2, segment 37:35)
  • "Acequias" (Tape 2, segment 56:23)

Students can then decide the service they would like to perform.

3. Keep track of student activities by having students fill out forms designed for Service Learning. Credit may be decided by the class or by prior agreement. To view a sample of one such form, click here.

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