Order in the Court:
Supreme Deliberations and Law & Order

High school
Subject: Law
Time: One class period
Preparation: Find out what students think about the justice system before viewing "Teen Court" (Tape 2, Deliberation, Act 8, 53:00)

Select Supreme Court cases that have defined student rights and give summaries of the cases to the class. Suggested cases include:

Fraser v. Bethel School District on freedom of speech

Tinker v. Des Moines School District on freedom of speech

Abington School District v. Schemp on freedom of religion

Wallace v. Jaffre on freedom of religion

Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier on freedom of the press

Review the Bill of Rights and discuss the rights that American citizens enjoy. Keep these in mind and have students role-play selected court deliberations. Ask students to argue the cases as it is done in the Supreme Court. Encourage students to research information that will help them with their arguments. Discuss the criteria and information that the Justices of the Supreme Court would utilize in rendering a decision. Address the procedural elements of court deliberations and discuss how they help or hinder the decision-making process. Who speaks for students? Evaluate the outcomes of these decisions and discuss the impact of the Supreme Court's definition of student rights over the last 25 years.

Joe Peterson
Issaquah High School
Issaquah, Wash.

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