Track Freedoms

High School
Subject: Civics
Time: 20 minutes
Preparation: Have class determine the complexities of free speech after viewing "Anti-Graffiti Network" (Tape 1, Freedom, Act 1, 4:57)

Freedoms are never stolen, they're gradually eroded. Make a list of the freedoms that seem smaller (or less free) than they used to be. For example, freedom of speech is not as free as it once was on the Internet or in public where politically correct pressures are present.

What other freedoms might make the extinction list? Post your students' list of disappearing freedoms (like a list of animals that are becoming extinct). See if anyone is inspired to take up the cause and fight for a freedom before it disappears all together.

1. What you can't say in public or on the Internet, you may, ironically, be able to print (say) on a T-shirt.

2. What you can put on your front lawn.

3. What is in your textbooks.

4. Where you can skateboard, meet, or smoke.

5. What is an invasion of your privacy.

There are often clashes between safety concerns and freedoms. Recognizing how a freedom has been eroded is important, because often a freedom isn't noticed until it's gone.

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