The Great Depression: A Questionnaire

1. How long did the Depression last? From ________ to ________ (Estimate the years)

2. List at least one cause for the Great Depression:

3. Was starvation common during the Depression? Yes____ No____

4. In the "Grapes of Wrath," John Steinbeck wrote about families who left Oklahoma for California. Why did they leave?

5. Name the two presidents who were in office during the Great Depression.

______________________________ and ______________________________

6. During the early part of the Depression, WW I veterans marched on the Capitol in Washington. What did they demand?

7. Many people who had lost their homes built flimsy wooden, cardboard, and tar-paper shacks to shield themselves from the weather. These shacks were also known by what name?

8. Name the two European dictators who came to power during the Depression.

______________________________ and ______________________________

9. Identify the term, "The First Hundred Days."

10. Please list any problem we face today that was also a concern during the Great Depression?


What is the population of the United States?

What percent of that population is employed?

Of those eligible for work, what percent is unemployed?

How many homeless are there in the United States?

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