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Farmers Insurance agents hold fundraiser for Whitney Elementary School.

BOISE, ID—(December 2, 2009)--daho District 02 District Manager, Kerrie Ogden, her 24 agents and the State Office employees are going to "stuff the bus", that is the Idaho CCV, to benefit Whitney Elementary School in Boise, Idaho. The event will be held on December 15, at the K-Mart at the corner of 5 Mile and Fairview Roads from 9 AM to 9 PM. Kerrie and her agents adopted the school at the end of October and are committed to help out through the 2010 school year. The district agents have committed $2400 and Farmers Community Sponsorship fund will be adding $1000. Several Major retailers are committing not only goods and money but employee time to assist with this effort. Kerrie's Crew has obtained the support of KISS FM in Boise and News Channel 6, KIVI TV the local ABC outlet to help with publicity. KISS FM 103.3, a Peak Broadcasting Radio Station will be running 60 spots promoting this Farmers event There will be a radio remote from the event and KIVI TV will be doing a story on it as well. These agents and their staffs anticipate continued support of the school by volunteering 1 day a month!

The end result will be a holiday party at the Whitney School on December 18 to spread holiday cheer to the students, 80 % whom meet poverty guidelines.

Kerrie's email below is self explanatory. This is a Great Event! I will be getting some photos for the Dashboard as well. Thanks for your help from Kerrie's Crew in Idaho! I got just a little more info from Kerrie Ogden, DM so thought I'd forward it in case it helps.

We are going to be stuffing the bus with clothing, hats, gloves, essentials like deodorant, combs, soap, toothbrushes, etc. We have local store donors like Sams Club, Kohls, Costco, Target and Krispy Kreme. We will be presenting gift cards and money to the school counselors and principal to help the school help the kids that need it at the times that they need it. Also, the Farmers agents have pooled money and we will be giving each child a bag with a new book, candy, hopefully movie tickets, and other food to take home. We have also teamed up with the United Dairymen of Idaho and Krispy Kreme to give each child a donut, chocolate milk and yogurt while we are there. It is going to be a great event and hopefully a great time in the lives of children that unfortunately don't have many great moments. Also, we still need volunteers for the Stuff the Bus day at K-Mart on December 15th. Remember, we are working from 9:00 to 9:00 in 2 hour shifts. Let me know if you or your staff would like to do a shift. Also, remember to mark December 18th in the morning on your calendars to help deliver the goods to the school. Also, we now have help from KISS FM 103.3 to help us promote the stuff the bus day. They will be out at K-Mart with us broadcasting to help drive people to us. We will be mentioning donors and sponsors so that is a great selling tool if you have someone you think may be able to help. Remember, everything helps. One dollar can buy a pair of gloves or a hat for a kid that otherwise would not have one. Anything you and your clients, friends, and family can donate will be appreciated.

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