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Make your campfire stories happy ones with fire safety tips

(Grand Rapids, MI) – In 2009, approximately 70,000 man-made fires burned out of control, resulting in damage to over 2 million acres of land, as well as injuries and destroyed property. Foremost® encourages you to keep our campgrounds safe this summer by following some of these fire safety tips.   

“Carelessness with fire can do more damage than people think,” says Bill Pinchak, Grand Rapids claims manager for recreational vehicles.  “It can destroy forests and wildlife and also cause injuries to you or your family. Camping equipment, like tents, sleeping bags, even your RV or travel trailer, can also be damaged.” 

To stay safe this summer, follow these guidelines when building your campfire:

  • Use existing fire rings, a fire mound or fire pans to build your fire
  • Keep fires a safe distance from dwellings and vehicles
  • Be aware of overhanging branches, dry leaves or other objects nearby that may catch fire
  • Be aware of any unsafe weather conditions, such as high winds
  • Pile any extra wood away from the fire
  • Clear away any and all flammable material 10 feet around the fire, like trash, leaves or sticks
  • Avoid using flammable liquids to start your fire
  • Teach fire safety habits to children
  • Keep your fire small
  • Be sure your match is completely out
  • Always monitor your fire – do not leave it unattended
  • Keep water nearby in case the fire starts to spread – use water to completely extinguish the fire
  • Shovel dirt onto the fire if you have no water
  • Do not bury your coals-- they can smolder and catch something else on fire

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