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Farmers claims representatives and CCV deployed to help hail-storm victims

Farmers claims representatives and the Customer Care Vehicle (CCV) have been deployed to help customers affected by Wednesday evening’s hail storm in Gillette.
Our CCV is stationed in the parking lot of agent Cindy Dawson’s offices located at 2100 S. Douglas Highway in Gillette. Farmers customers can stop by the CCV to have their questions of how to file a claim answered by Farmers representatives.

If you’re unable to stop by the CCV or your agent’s office, you can also call HelpPoint Claim Services to file a claim or have your questions answered. HelpPoint’s toll-free number is 1-800-HelpPoint (1-800-435-7764).

Foremost customers can call (800) 527-3907 to file a claim or speak to a claims representative about their coverage.

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